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Check yahoo status: ONLINE - INVISIBLE - OFFLINE
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 - Check multi-yahooID:
    + Enter many yahooIDs, separate by comma (,)
    + Ex: abc, xyz123, qq23
    + Result will be showed at the bottom of the page

 - Ymail and Rocketmail:
    + With ymail, enter nick@ymail.com
    + With rocketmail, enter nick@rocketmail.com
    + With yahoo, enter nick (without @yahoo.com)

 - Detect yahooID invisible
 - View yahooID avatar
 - Download free avatars
 - Add yahooID to the friend list
 - Send a message to yahooID
 - View profile (if any)
 - View blog 360plus (if any)
Contact email: contact@younup.com

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